Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flashing: Miranda Lambert

For some odd reason boobs have become like some kind of currency. Stay with me here. There are the girls who show them at Mardi Gras for beads, some show them for beer, some show them at concerts in hopes to get backstage for an autograph??? (Right!) So what do men have that can be considered currency? Apparently nothing.

I bring this up because on Monday night at the Monroe Country Fair in Michigan some hairy man beast flashed Miranda Lambert. She was co-headlining a show with her man Blake Shelton, and while she was doing a solo she got a show herself!

According to, Miranda was sitting on the edge of the stage dangling her feet off when, "a burly Midwestern man flashed her in the middle of the song."

Now whether she saw "it" or not is unclear because she didn't appear to be fazed by it...or maybe it was all gunpowder and no lead!

SIDE NOTE: Blake and Miranda are in talks of touring together similar to this one. Ark La Tex bound??? I hope so.

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